1. What we have done



the kate dalley show

kate dalley


YourCauseCampaigns is doing an INCREDIBLE job at helping radio shows like mine, deliver these beautiful silver coins as a fundraiser for my show. They have a patriot heart in understanding just how important truth is to our citizenry, and they drop ship a gorgeous, minted coin to my listeners.

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2. What you need


You represent a good cause and have a sizable following that you can access.

Your following is loyal to you such that they would support your cause through purchasing a custom commemorative silver round coin (minimum retail price of $99.95).

You can potentially access and scale your exposure through affiliate networks and associations.

the process

For a successful campaign, it needs to be beneficial to you, to your following, and to us.

We guide you through the design process to produce beautiful, valuable and deliverable coin.
We create a custom silver coin for you with your logo to your design requirements.
We do all the heavy lifting,at our expense so you don't have to.
We create all the campaign content, landing pages, and fulfillment services.
We provide affiliate tracking and payment capabilities if this is applicable to your organizational model.


If all this lines up, there is a win-win-win at the end

You raise money by receiving a percentage of the purchase price of each coin, with ZERO cost, expense, or risk on your part.

Your following has an easy opportunity to support you, and receives a valuable commemorative token of your appreciation (the custom silver coin).

Our organization recovers our costs and gains a conservative return on our investment through a small portion of the coin sales.

3. We're here to help

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